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When was the last time you did what you wanted to with all your heart? When was the last time you lived just for yourself, and not for countless others? When was the last time you dared those impossible dreams with a twinkle in your eyes and alacrity in your heart? When was the last time you stopped pondering about the excellent career strides your friends made and not getting affected? Those were the questions that occurred to me recurrently and incessantly over the last couple of days.

I used to think of people browsing through the "self help" sections in a book shop or actually reading those books as overtly frustrated in life or totally mindless ones who needed others to dictate to them what they were supposed to do. And much to my dismay and displeasure I was gifted with a similar kind of book last Friday. But then, the avid reader I am, I gulped it down in one evening's time. The book talked about how the whole universe conspires to help you achieve your dreams. And how being focused on your goal helps you win in the end despite the many difficulties on the way. That was the seed to all those queries that took birth.

I am sure there are many other confused and disorganized souls like me who have messed up their dreams or have simple forgotten them in their endeavour to lead a normal and comfortable life.

For example, I know of my friend Ronit who always dreamt of playing the violin but cares for his annual appraisal just too much to squeeze out an hour's time in the evenings. So he ends up living that common enough mechanical life sans the realization of his dream. Also, there is Ankit who has this passion for designing buildings and never fails to express wonder at a beautiful piece of architecture but ends up sitting in his office writing code in Java. And then there is yours truly who finds herself on cloud nine whenever she has her dancing shoes on; who always wanted to be a dancer but whose good grades in Maths wavered her enough to take up engineering. And finally, there are lots and lots of those who still don't know their dreams.

Why is it so that people give up on their dreams so easily without a pang of guilt or anguish, and it all culminates into a passing mention at the coffee table as to "I always dreamt of doing so and so" ?

For one, it could be the fear of confronting your family, as one of my friend puts it "My parents would never allow me to choose that not-so-often-treaded path of being a movie director". Add to that a lack of confidence in your self and you are ready to trade your dreams for something more certain. What if you fight and fail and then your family and friends point a finger at you with that proverbial "look we told you so" statement ? You would have rather suffered death than live that ignominious act. Well, for another, your family is just the embodiment of society in general. Conforming to the norms of the society is the easiest way to take and the "way" that demands, in most cases, the sacrifice of your dreams. I know a guy who had guts enough to give up his studies for a career in music ( which unfortunately hasn't worked out yet ) and is treated like an utter societal outcast and loser in life. Dealing with rejection is a difficult thing to do. And fighting at the same time to prove the injustice and futility of that rejection is even more difficult.

The realization of your dreams and the hindrances to the achievement of them is definitely the first and the most substantial step. To take that step, the best one can do is wake up in the morning and tell oneself "if today is the last day of my life I would definitely do this". That "this" would define all the things you would love to do with all your heart without fear of anything. Living everyday in a way as if there was no tomorrow is the best way to fulfill your dreams. And when it comes to the test of tackling, it is for you to realize that your dreams are entirely yours and for you to make true. As for me, I have taken a small step of getting myself enrolled at a dance school. Sometimes, it is as simple as that. Just a thought away.

Hey! there I see a guy immersed in a "improve your life" book and for the first time I don't pity that soul. Rather, I am happy . Happy that he would have questions to ask himself. Happy that he at least spares a thought about his life and its betterment.


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Suraj Kamath said...

As Chuang Tzu says, awaking from his dream, "I know not if I was a man who dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he is a man". In the end, we all have to live and die. Some dreams will come true, some will fall to dust. But the courage, the patience and the determination to make something in your imagination come alive, perhaps these are qualities that should be developed for their own sake, not just as a means to an end. Anyway, I'm rambling. :)kudos for this one arundhoti.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Amit said...

Yeah, Suraj is right probably. The point really is life and particularly chievement in life requires a balance. and that balance is very important in life. Its not the fear of failure that causes people to give up on their dreams always, Its the lack of balance. Agreed you have a material existence, and you have an imagination and a dream the moment you ignore one of these you are in trouble. . Why cannt a musician live without the audience. . and why is success so important. . Success too has a material side and thats what brings the balance and fuels and fires the dedcation. It may be perfect to tell your parents point blank that you want to follow music rather than taking passive downloads in a physics lecture, But then the moment you start taking pleasure from the act of rebel and forget the purpose you have an imbalance again. . when you are dedicated you find ways to create the balance needed to reach the goal. . . Frustration is an indicator of imbalance but it is also an indicator of a will to strike a balance and reach your goal. . Self help books help

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Amit said...

Life really takes a course where you keep oscillating between the material needs and the dreams . . It takes a spiral upwards and many a times a spiral downwards too. . Its never Vertically up towards your dreams and towards your higher self nor is it vertically down towards the material and then the animal existance. . .There always is scope to change the way you are going

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i read your article this lines bulbed in my head
"Do every thing turn turn turn
There is a season turn turn turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven !.

Dreams are for us to get motivated and try our best,as u suggested you have made a modest move for attaining your goal of becoming a dancer .(By joining a class)
Guess you must be getting a hellua kick by attending the class,well to look at the bright side,your Engineering education only is enabling you to delve in your dream.I guess thats the bottom line!.

The first four lines meant we have to work and wait for our dreams to embodied.


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